How do I order images?

Browse our galleries, "Add to Cart" any images you wish to purchase. Fill out our form with production info, and input your digital signature agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and License Agreement. Submit your payment and you will receive a link to download your images that expires in 24 hours. Then send to your favorite printer!

What is cleared art?

Rights managed art that has been fully licensed from the artist and is therefore 100% "cleared" and legally available for use in film, tv and commercial productions. All art seen on screen must be licensed.

How can I search for specific images?

On the bottom of each page is a search bar. From there you can search our database by content, color, mood and type of photo.

For example, if you need a relaxing landscape photo from the desert, simply input "relaxing desert landscape". Or, if you want to see all photos with a red color scheme, simply input "red".

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard and all purchases are in USD.

Where can I get a copy of the License Agreement?

You can view the License Agreement here. Please read it carefully before purchasing any image downloads. Before completing an order you are required to accept the terms and conditions and sign your "digital signature". Feel free to print out the Agreement for your records. If you prefer the contract to be filled out by hand, just let us know.

What is a digital signature?

According to the Electronic Signature Act of 2000 a digital contract has the same legal weight as a traditional pen and paper contract. It enables documents to be signed electronically by simply typing your name or checking an "I accept" box. You can read a summary of the Act here.

Can I use the image more than once?

No. As stated in the License Agreement you are only allowed to use the image one time, for the specified project. If you wish to use an image you have already downloaded for another project, you must re-purchase the image and fill out a new License Agreement.

How large can I print an image?

The size of our files vary, but the average image can print up to 24" x 20" or 30" x 20". Some files are even larger, some are smaller. Each image displays the file size in pixels. You can compare the pixel size with print sizes below at 200 dpi.

30" x 20" = 6000 x 4000 px

24" x 20" = 4800 x 4000 px

20" x 16" = 4000 x 3200 px

14" x 11" = 2800 x 2200 px

10" x 8" = 2000 x 1600 px

How many prints can I make?

You may only make one print from each file. Test prints must be destroyed.

Can I alter the image?

No. You are not allowed to make any changes or modifications to the images. All you can do is downsize the file to make a smaller a print size.

Can the images be used for personal use or other projects?

No. The images are intended soley for set dressing in the Film, TV, Commercial and Theater industries. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

HOWEVER, if you are interested in images for personal use, or for decorating offices and other commercial spaces, please send us an email and we can talk about options!

Do you take commisions or have other images not shown on the site?

Absolutely! We have a catalogue of tens of thousands of images, and while we are constantly adding more to our galleries, we still have plenty more not yet on the site.

If you have a specific type of image in mind that you don't see or if you found an image you would prefer in Black & White, just shoot us an email. We are happy to do our best to accomodate any and all requests!

What if I am not happy with the print quality?

Please send us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to rectify the situation. But, because it is a digital download we generally do not offer refunds once the file has been downloaded.

What is a Use of Still Photograph Release and how can I get it?

A Use of Still Photograph Release or Motion Picture Release is a legal document that authorizes another party (you) to use an image for a specified production under specified guidelines.

Set Visuals is authorized by the artists to license all images in our collection and upon request we will send you the Release Form for each image.


Why don't you print the images yourself?

We aim to offer the quickest way to get you what you need with the most flexibility. With immediate access to digital files you are able to print them using your own in house printer, or send them to your favorite local printer. You can then matte and frame as you like with full customization.

We can recommend printers in Los Angeles and New York.


Any other questions?

Send us an email or give us a call!